Posted by PolyScience Staff

There are two things that always get a bartender noticed, the sound of a blender mixing up daiquiris and the muddling action of a mojito. Soon, patrons are lining up for drinks and the bartender’s arm gets a workout from all the muddled mint. Let’s give back to our bartenders. Close the door, crank up the juice and give their muddled arms a rest.

Serves: 4
Prep Time: 3 minutes

Required Equipment:
The Sonicprep™ by PolyScience

10 Mint Leaves, plus 4 for garnish
1 Lime
4oz. Simple Syrup
6 oz. White Rum
16 oz. Club Soda

Step 1:
Combine all ingredients, except club soda, in beaker.

Step 2:
Process with The Sonicprep™ for 60 seconds with the Output Control set to 10 and Duty Cycle set to Constant.

Step 3:
Strain through a Hawthorne Strainer over ice.

Step 4:
Top off with 4 oz. club soda and garnish with fresh mint leaves.