Rotary Vacuum Evaporation System 240V

The PolyScience Rotary Vacuum Evaporation System provides virtually unlimited possibilities to evaporate, distill, separate and purify liquids. You can now easily concentrate, capture and infuse flavors in your own kitchen.

This kitchen breakthrough utilizes a vacuum pump to reduce atmospheric pressure allowing liquids to move to a vapor phase at low temperatures.

Simultaneously, a rotating flask creates greater surface area of thin film facilitating rapid evaporation. That vapor is then condensed by coils cooled by a recirculating chiller and collected in a receiving flask. As a result, you can capture and preserve an amazing array of even highly volatile aromas and flavors to use in your next recipes.

The Rotary Vacuum Evaporator has been customized for culinary applications. Want to add the fresh, concentrated essences of your favorite herbs or combine the flavors and aromas of fruits and vegetables? Anything is possible.


1 Gallon - 100% pure lab-grade Propylene Glycol anti-freeze for use with the LM6 mini-chiller. Dilute with 50% water. FDA rated as "food-grade."

PLEASE NOTE: While Propylene Glycol is considered food grade this is not meant to suggest that it is safe for consumption. Always check your chiller and rotary evaporator for leaks. In case of consumption please contact your local Poison Control Center immediately for instructions.

While most chefs are familiar with regular distillation process, this technology adds another dimension: it works under reduced pressure, which lowers the boiling point to as low as 95°F/35°C. By remaining at such low temperatures, valuable flavor compounds are preserved and will add to complexity of the result.

At Alinea Restaurant in Chicago the rotary evaporator is used to extract herb aromas like basil. Another innovative application by Alinea is to distill the pure chili's essence. During that process the chemical capsaicin, responsible for the heat, is left behind. A unique flavor experience is guaranteed.

  • Evaporator Dimensions (LxWxD): 15 x 19 x 16in / 38.1 x 48.3 x 40.6cm
  • Evaporator Shipping Weight: 86 lbs / 39 kg
  • Evaporator Shipping Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 29in / 53.3 x 53.3 x 73.7cm
  • LM6 Chiller Shipping Weight: 100 lbs / 45.36 kg
  • LM6 Chiller Shipping Dimensions: 33 x 22 x 28 / 83.8 x 55.9 x 71.12cm

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