Cognac Truffle

For Cognac Truffle:


  • 355g Heavy cream
    59g Glucose syrup
    118g Butter, unsalted

    521g Callebaut 823
    379g Callebaut 811

    74g Cognac

    Callebaut 2815 Dark Chocolate for tempering (as needed)
    Callebaut cocoa powder (as needed)


1. Set the Control Freak to Probe Control and heat the heavy cream, glucose syrup, and butter to 65ºC.

2. Pour this mixture over the chocolates. Allow a few moments for the heat to transfer.

3. Blend the mixture with an immersion blender to form the ganache.

4. Blend in the cognac.

5. The resulting temperature of the ganache should be just below 35ºC.

6. Pour the ganache into a tray and allow to crystalize at 18-20ºC until the ganache firms to a pipeable consistency.

7. Pipe the ganache into individual truffles on prepared trays.

8. Allow the piped truffles to crystallize at 18-20ºC for at least 12 hours before rolling in tempered chocolate.

9. Set the Control Freak to 50ºC using Pan Control. Begin to melt the tempering chocolate.

10. Once melted, set the Control Freak to 32ºC and engage Probe Control. Seed in 20% solid tempered chocolate and allow the temperature of the chocolate to drop to 32ºC.

11. Once the chocolate is tempered, begin to roll the truffles twice, taking care to ensure that the second coating fills in any cracks of the first layer coating.

12. Upon coating the truffle for the second time, immediately place it into cocoa powder and roll it to ensure that it is evenly coated.

13. Sift the truffles of any excess cocoa power and package them.

14. Store the truffles at room temperature for up to 10 days.

Recipe by

Russ Thayer

Recipe adapted from “2018 Discovering Chocolate”.