Moules Frites with Smoked Dijonnaise

When cooking mussels, the aromatic ingredients are sweated first, to release their flavor and aroma. The heat is then turned up to steam the mussels open. The problem is that this step often overcooks the delicate aromats and often the mussels. Here, we tremendously cut down on pick up time by cooking the mussels in advance, only needing to heat them through in order to serve.

For the Mussels:


  • 2 lbs / 906g Mussels, cleaned and bearded
    4 ea / 1g Thyme Sprigs
    2 ea / 2.2g Lemon Peels

    Special Equipment:
    Sous Vide Immersion Circulator
    Vacuum Sealer


1.   Preheat a water bath to 181.4ºF / 83ºC.

2.   Vacuum seal the mussels with two lemon peels and four thyme sprigs.

3.   Cook them sous vide for 8 to 10 minutes, based on size.

4.   Once the time has passed, place the mussels in an ice bath and allow them to chill fully.

5.   Cut the bag open and reserve the mussels and any liquor from the bag.



For the Dijonnaise:


  • 2/3 C / 150g Mayonnaise
    2 Tbsp / 32g Dijon mustard
    3/4 tsp / 2g Garlic Powder
    1 tsp / 7g Lemon Juice

    Special Equipment:
    Smoking gun pro
    Mesquite wood chips as needed


1.   Combine the mayonnaise, dijon mustard, garlic powder, and lemon juice in a bowl and whisk the ingredients together.

2.   Cover the dijonnaise with plastic wrap and fill the bowl with a dense smoke using the Smoking Gun™ Pro.

3.   Allow the mixture to rest in smoke for 5 minutes.

4.   Repeat the smoking to you desired taste. Reserve

To Serve:


  • Pre-cooked Mussels
    Smoked Dijonnaise
    Parsley - Lemon French Fries

    1 ea / 46g Shallot, thinly shaved
    2 ea / 7g Garlic Cloves, thinly shaved
    3 C / 87g Fennel, thinly shaved
    4 ea / 1g Thyme Sprigs
    2 ea / .1g Bay Leaf
    2 ea / 2.2g Lemon Peels
    1C / 220g Berliner Weisse Beer
    4T / 56g Butter


1.   Over medium heat, sweat the shallot, garlic, fennel, and bay leaf.

2.   Once the aromatics are tender, add the thyme sprigs, lemon peel, mussels, mussel liquor, and Berliner Wiesse.

3.   Turn the heat to medium high and cover the pan. Let the mussels retherm for 2-3 minutes based on size.

4.   Once the mussels have rethermed, remove the pan from heat and add the butter, tossing constantly.

5.   Serve the mussels immediately with parsley-lemon french fries and smoked dijonnaise.