Posted by PolyScience Staff

Cooking Time: 45-60 minutes

1 Beef Tenderloin or Chateaubriand 2-6 lbs
2-4 Sprigs of Fresh Thyme
Black Truffle Oil, to taste
Kosher Salt and Coarse Ground Black Pepper, to taste

Step 1:
Set the rear pump flow switch to fully closed and the front flow switch to the maximum flow to ensure proper circulation. Set the temperature of the Sous Vide Professional™ to desired temperature.

Beef Temperature Guidelines
Rare: 120°F / 49°C
Medium Rare: 134°F / 56.5°C
Medium: 140°F / 60°C
Medium Well: 150°F / 65.5°C
Well Done: 160°F / 71°C

For more information on food safety, please click here.

Step 2:
Season the beef with kosher salt and black pepper.

Step 3:
Roll edges of vacuum pouch back an inch or two to prevent cross-contamination. Place beef into the bag, along with sprig of thyme and black truffle olive oil.

Do NOT use dairy products, such as butter, in cook times exceeding 4 hours.

Step 4:
Vacuum seal beef to 95% vacuum or greater. Place in circulating water bath and cook for 60-90 minutes, or until target core temperature is reached.

Step 5:
Remove cooked beef from bath and carefully open pouch. Remove beef, gently dry on paper towel to absorb excess moisture and sear evenly in hot pan or grill.

Step 6:
Remove seared beef from pan, rest 60 seconds and slice. Sous vide beef does not require but a few moments to rest.