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Serves: 4-6
Prep time: 18 hours
Cook time: 3 hours

Boneless Pork Loin
Peels of One Lemon and One Orange
Brine (according to recipe below)

5 tablespoons pickling spice
1 tablespoon whole black peppercorns
1/2 cup cane sugar
1 tablespoon honey
2 cup kosher salt
4 cups water
1 bunch fresh thyme leaves

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Preparation: Brined Pork Loin
Step 1:
Combine all brine ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a boil.
Cool completely, refrigerate until ready for use.
Place pork loin in brine and let sit, refrigerated, 12-18 hours.*
*The longer the pork sits in the brine, the stronger the salt flavor will be, after cooking.

Step 2:
Rinse brine from pork loin and vacuum seal with enough olive oil to coat liberally.

Step 3:
Set the rear pump flow switch of the Sous Vide Professional™ to fully closed. Set the front flow switch to the maximum flow. Set the temperature of the Sous Vide Professional™ to 60°C / 140°F.

Step 4:
Once target temperature is reached, place vacuum sealed pork loin in circulating water bath.

Step 5:
Cook sous vide for about 2-3 hours.

Step 6:
Drain all liquids from bag, dry surface of pork loin with clean kitchen towel. In a hot, large sauté or roasting pan, brown entire surface of pork loin. Season with salt and pepper to taste.